It is a bit strange but people can download and use some software for free, no cost whatsoever. This type of software is called freeware or it can be Opensource. On this website we want to provide information about this free software and also make it easy for you to download the latest version. Soon we will have the website ready with more than 200 free downloads.


If you experience problems or delays with your computer then it can sometimes be fixed with a registry cleaner. This is software which scans your windows registry and removes junk / crap that is not required by Windows anymore. The best thing is, many of the cleaner solutions are freeware and can be used and downloaded for free. Examples are Regcleaner, CCleaner, etc. Read more about this on Registry Cleaner Expert, a blog about cleaning your windows register. Another good site, in case you are dutch is Register Cleaner which is also about improving the PC performance.


Next to software for the office, for PC maintenance, anti virus, protection, downloading music and videos, etc. you can also download some good games for free. Yes there are many professional games which are distributed as freeware or as Open Source. Soon more information about these free games. You could visit the game wallpaper website and download some high quality wallpapers.